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Wait! No, Really… I’ll just wait.


For a small monthly fee I am granted a large luxury. I don’t have my nails done, I don’t go for drinks with the girls, nor do I get a massage and a facial. Nope, it’s much simpler than that… I have 45 minutes per week in which I am permitted, no, expected, to do nothing. Nothing at all, other than wait, in quiet solitude, and it’s absolutely heavenly.

Dance Class

I suppose I could be productive like the moms who drop off their children and go next door to the supermarket, or the dads who are constantly on their PDA’s or furiously writing in their datebooks, but I choose to stay put (partly because my daughter makes me pinkie-swear not to leave: long story about a little girl having to stay for the next class because mom got caught up in the grocery store). Some weeks I simply settle in with my Kindle. Other weeks (like this one), I bring my laptop to draft columns or blogposts.

Although, it’s not really a therapeutic decompression session that my dance check pays for, I like to think that in addition to the exercise, socialization, and artistic skill my daughter is gaining, I also regain a part of my sanity. I love my daughter and my husband to the moon and back, but sometimes after a long Tuesday, I truly look forward to simply waiting at dance class.


Booper Soul Sunday!


Around here, we are avid football fans. If there is a game on, we are probably watching it.

It wasn’t always that way, though, for me. I didn’t grow up in a “football family”, and really I only saw the game on when we were with family on holidays, or I was over at a friend’s house. I certainly didn’t know any football fanatics, other than the ocassional college-team fan. 

I knew very little of the game. Some close friends liked to watch UGA games and, and I’d usually get together with them for the food games. I also went to high school in a small town where football was second religion but I really didn’t understand football, like, at all. That all changed when my husband came into the picture.  We met (again, we breifly attended the same high school years before), dated, and got engaged between the end of one football season and the beginning of the next football season. So therefore, I was already pretty vested when the pigskin started flying

The first couple season, I just tagged along when he watched the games. I’d make dip, or cookies to contribute to the parties, and sit around and be the stero-typical wife. Yay; our team won! Boo; our team lost! Isn’t this shirt and matching pedicure cute though? Team colors!

Finally, because I think I’m pretty intelligent, and I got tired of being caught off guard when all the yelling, screaming, and jumping happened, I asked my husband to “cover the basics.” For a football fans, “the basics” means EVERY SINGLE THING TO DO WITH THE GAME AND EVERY SINGLE NOTEWORTHY PLAY EVER MADE IN HISTORY EVER, EVER, EVER!

I was overwhelmed, but over the rest of the season I started to understand, then his enthusiasm started rubbing off. Next thing I knew we had a toddler who loved football, and my husband was (sometimes) opting to stay home and watch football with ME! I was starting to look forward to games and pay attention to sports newscasts. Now, needless to say, I’m starting to share his passion for a good game, and come next week, I’ll feel a little sad that there are no more games to watch until the fall. The weather in Atlanta has been so nice though, maybe it will keep getting warmer and we can fill our weekends with all the fun of spring and summer.

I know there are lots of you out there, though, who aren’t into football. It’s just not your thing, and that is OK! For you, I’ve made a handy rundown of ways to know that the big game might be near!

1. There are more men than women in the grocery store…also, every man’s cart might be filled with beer.
2. The melty, ooey gooey cheese-block and salsa display might be completely empty. Like down-to-the-cardboard, I-see-tumbleweeds empty.
3. Even the off-brand chips and soda are gone.
4. You see random goal posts every where. Car dealerships, bakeries, furniture stores, pet stores.
5. Rado ads are filled with things like BIG SCREEN TV’s – NO PAYMENTS UNTIL 3045!
6. Football shaped balloons.
7. Incessant discussion and replays of the “wardrobe malfunction”.
8. Pinterest floods with “big game” recipes and decoration boards.
9. The “grid” is passed at work – pay a dollar: win a bazillion.
10. It’s the first Monday in February and there is no morning rush hour.

Be safe – don’t drink and drive – and please don’t bet the grocery money!


Have you seen The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants? It’s a great premise, that these friends pass a pair of jeans among themselves for the course of their (sometimes long distance) friendship. The one who posesses them knows that they have the support, courage and love of their other friends and sometimes the pants give them the extra push to do amazing things.

The Bloggess, Jenny Lawson, has sparked another kind of circle of love, friendship, and encouragement among her readers and others that are getting on the Traveling Red Dress circuit. She posted a blog a while back about an amazing and absolutely ridiculous red dress. She had no reason for wearing it, except that it was amazing and made her feel amazing. After “wearing the hell out of it” she has passed it along to inspire other women to feel amazing, and worth it, and wonderful.
Many, many women are now telling their stories. Why they would like an experience with a fabulous “red dress”, how they are inspired to treat themselves to something that is seemingly ridiculous, but makes them feel amazing, or why they want to share their “red dresses” with other women.
I couldn’t keep my mind off the project and remembered that I had a fabulous, sparkly, amazing number hanging in my closet that no longer fits this “mom” body. I went to the Traveling Red Dress facebook page, posted a photo, and my red dress will soon be on it’s way to a complete stranger, who is very brave, very deserving, and very inspiring.

I thought that I would have some hesitation when it came time to part ways, but I can honestly say that I am so excited. If I had the resources I’d buy more dresses, just so I could share them. I am going to include a letter to the recipient and ask her to pen her story, send me a photo, and include her story and photo when she passes the dress along. I don’t know how many people may wear the dress. She may be the last,  but I hope (as The Bloggess says) it makes her “Furiously Happy”, if even for an hour,  and she “wears the hell out of it.”

Do you have a red dress? Any amazingly wonderful dresses? They don’t have to be red, just fantastic enough to make some other woman inspired, and able to see herself for the beautiful person she is. GO- check it out.


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