It’s a Monday!


It is wet. Like soaked-to-the-bone, this-must-be-winter-in-Atlanta wet.
Except, it’s warm, like sixties warm! Thunderstorms-expected warm.

Anyway; I learned two things this morning:

1. My child has a radar that tells her to get up and come find me 20 minutes before my alarm goes off in the morning. Apparently she is also programmed to think of some far fetched emergency (like my Cinderella DVD has two Menus and you have to press start TWO TIMES, mommy…whyyyyyy?). Then she should ask me why I’m so grumpy, and then cry and guilt-trip me when she finds out that mommy just has 20 more minutes before she has to get ready for work. “Work? Work? Mommy, please, please, please stay with me! I don’t want you to go, I’ll miss you too bad Ms. E Mommy. “

Yep. I think she will be fine since she basically thinks her sitter and I are interchangeable human life forms here only to serve her whims. (I do miss her, and wish I could stay home, but she can turn the drama on and off like a light, plus she is in a great daycare and I pick her up right after nap.)

2. I should just get UP and stay UP when little monster gets back in bed. Even though I had a tag team textathon going this morning with another blogger who needed to be up at the same time, I managed to fufill my promise to text her, follow up text her, get monster in bed, pick out clothes for myself and then…laid back down for forty five minutes! So here I am, dragging, coffee-less, and makeup-less, thinking that last little catnap did me more harm than good.




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